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Types of Foam Rollers | Kinds of Foam Rollers | Sizes of Foam Roller

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Though manufacturers all over the globe are offering all kinds of different exercise equipment, tools, and devices for consumers today, making a selection can become overwhelming. Therefore, before an individual can make a decision to invest in a specific type, they will need to do their homework first.

The type that consumers purchase is often based on the exercises that they are interested in doing, the type of massage that they prefer, the amount of money that they have to invest, and the space that they have available in their homes or apartments to store the items that they have purchased.

In some cases, the device that an individual purchases may not be very expensive at all, specifically when compared to equipment like digital walking machines and the like. However, it is important that the device or equipment that people buy for exercising is effective enough to assist with their fitness and weight loss regimens.

Foam Rollers: Numerous Benefits

With this being said, if you are looking for a device that you can use on a daily basis, you may want to consider the foam roller. Foam rollers are normally considered great buys because they are usually very inexpensive, while also being highly effective in several low impact exercises, and relieving and eliminating soft tissue and muscle pain.

In fact, it is important to note that many professional athletes use foam rollers for numerous reasons including breaking up unwanted scar tissue that has developed over a period of time during their workouts.

Similar to getting a massage from a professional masseuse, people can also use these rollers for a good body massage. Choosing the right type of foam roller, however, does not have to be difficult, once the person knows what is available to them and the purposes that they are using them for.

Standard Density Foam Rollers

When making a decision to buy a foam roller, you may want to start off by reviewing the standard type first, and then making comparisons between the rest. For instance, the first type that an individual may want to consider is the standard density foam roller.

The standard foam rollers are designed with a medium firmness that makes them perfect for exercises and a self-massage. This is because they provide a moderate cushion, and at the same time, give a deep massage to the individual. This is also the type that can be used for range-of-motion exercise routines.

Soft Density

In some cases, the person may decide that the standard density may be a little too firm for their likeness. This is because they may prefer the softer cushion for the comfort since it provides a much gentler massage to the muscles. Specifically, when the muscles in the legs are sore and painful.

If you’re interested in a soft foam roller, we recommend the OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Foam Roller. Although it’s soft, it doesn’t warp and dent like many of the cheaper, soft foam rollers on the market today. You can check out our review for all the details:

OPTP Soft Foam Roller Review

Firm Density

It’s not uncommon for athletes to spend a huge amount of their time in the gym performing all kinds of different activities. In fact, they can spend several hours at a time in intense sports training to make sure that they are the best.

As a result, when they leave the gym, they may find their muscles are tight and tense. Therefore, they may need a massage that can penetrate deeply within the affected muscles. When this is the case, the type of foam roller that is needed is normally the firm density option.

If you want a dense foam roller, we have two recommendations: the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller or the RumbleRoller. Both of these are top-quality rollers that will last you for decades. The main difference is that the Rumble Roller has knobs on it, while the TriggerPoint is flatter. However, both are extremely firm and durable. Check out the review for yourself:

TriggerPoint Grid 2.0 Review

RumbleRoller Review

Foam Rollers Sizes – Long or Short

When people are making their selection, they may choose between the long foam rollers or those that are shorter in length. The choice is often determined by its use. For instance, cyclists and runners may prefer the shorter sizes if they want to massage their hamstrings or their calves.

Another consideration is whether or not you will be traveling with your foam roller. If you will be, you’ll probably want a foam roller that will fit into your suitcase. You’ll probably want to get a 12 inch roller, as opposed to the larger 36 inch one.

For more details about this important question, check out this article:

What Sizes Foam Roller Will Work for Me?

Unique Texture of Foam Rollers

Manufacturers of the foam rollers have also taken several other factors into consideration when making the different designs. One of the most important factors involves getting a more intense massage for those who really need it.

So, these foam rollers usually contain different textures that are unique. This is including designing a line or two with ridges or spikes that can penetrate deeply in painful muscles.


If you are interested in purchasing foam rollers for performing exercises, or giving yourself a massage, it is important that you know what types are available, to make your selections from, on the market. The types of foam rollers can vary significantly in density (soft, medium, firm), size, and texture. So, it is important for everyone to know these distinctions and which one will work best for your needs.

Buy a Foam Roller

Now that you have the basic information about types of foam rollers, you may be ready to buy one. Our top rated foam roller on this site is the RumbleRoller. It’s a nice combination of firm in the core, but soft with the knobs which help make it a less painful massage.

It’s durable and will last for decades, even with the heaviest of a users. We have a ton of foam rollers at our house. However, the RumbleRoller is the one we keep using, night after night, after night.

Check out our top-rated foam roller on Amazon today:

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