Best Foam Roller for Lower Back Pain: King Athletic

Foam Rolling Benefits

Foam rolling has many benefits, including less soreness and pain after a tough workout, and helping to prevent these injuries in the first place. The full details about how foam rollers work is a little bit complicated, but we’ll give you the basics here:

  • Your muscles are surrounded by soft tissue called fascia, which can get scarred through injuries.
  • This scarring causes sticking, which prevents a free range of motion, which in turn causes pain.
  • Foam rollers help to release these sticky spots and you don’t have pain!

Foam rolling for lower back pain works! If you suffer from this ailment, I’m sure you’ve been to the doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist and oriental medicine doctor, but perhaps didn’t get much relief.

These health professionals can most certainly offer some benefit for lower back pain, but they are expensive. Something that you can do at home to supplement visits to these professionals is using a foam roller for your lower back, such as this one from King Athletic. 

Try out a foam roller for lower back pain at least three times a week for a month and see how you feel. Some people report less pain, a greater range of motion, increased blood flow to the area, and better mood. For more details about this, and links to a couple of academic studies, check out: Do Foam Rollers Actually Work?

An Introduction to the Best Foam Roller for Lower Back Pain from King Athletic

Let’s get into the details about one of the best foam roller for lower back pain from King Athletic. We love this high-density foam roller for a whole lot of reasons, including the length and density, which are great for back pain exercises.

This thing is also tough, made from extremely durable materials and can withstand heavy use over a prolonged period of time. If you’re 200+ pounds, this might be the foam roller for you, especially when considering the lifetime warranty that comes with it.

Another thing we love about this foam roller is the textured surface design, especially if you’re just getting started with foam rolling. While it will still feel uncomfortable at the beginning, the textured surface is a bit softer. However, the firmness ensures that you will get all the benefits of more traditional rollers.

Does this sound like the foam roller that will relieve your back pain? We think it’s very effective. You can check it our for yourself on Amazon today:

This foam roller from King Athletic comes with an exercise booklet, and we strongly recommend taking a look at it before getting started with your foam roller exercises for lower back pain. There are most definitely right, and wrong ways to foam roll your lower back.

The big no-no in this case is rolling the lower part of your back, to the top part of your back. PLEASE avoid this! Check out this short video from a chiropractor for the right technique for foam rolling for lower back pain.

Foam Roller Exercises for Lower Back

If you’re looking for more foam roller exercises for lower back pain, check out this article:

Foam Roller Exercises for Back Pain.

King Athletic Foam Roller Lower Back Pros:

  • Textured surface for added comfort
  • High density foam that’s extremely durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A great size for lower back pain foam rolling exercises
  • Bonus carrying case
  • Can aid in recovery from injury
  • Used over time, can reduce pain and stiffness
  • Very high user rating on Amazon, with more than 700 reviews

King Athletic Foam Roller Lower Back Cons:

  • Only 1 size (many other brands have 2-3)
  • Inside roller is difficult to pull out
  • Picture is a bit deceptive. Not two rollers, but one that fits inside the other one

What People are Saying about the King Athletic Roller:

“This product is amazing. I have been dealing with lower and mid back pain for years due to my desk job. I got desperate and looked up alternative solutions and found foam rolling. It’s like a miracle-foam rolling has helped my lower back pain like nothing else.”

“I ordered this due to some long-lasting pain in my back. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, it really does work! I use this after my long runs, and I’m able to get to sleep easily and not wake up in pain like I used to.”

“It feels uncomfortable when you’re just getting started with it, especially if you have sensitive skin. But, just keep working it, and you’ll start to feel better.”

The Takeaway on the King Athletic Foam Roller for Lower Back Pain

If you’re looking for a foam roller for lower back pain, this one from King Athletic is a nice choice. We love the combination of the high density, extremely firm foam along with the textured surface. This means a few great things for you! The first is that it will be very durable, and should last you for years even if you’re on the upward end of 200 pounds.

Unlike some of the flat foam rollers which can be extremely painful to use when you’re a newbie, the textured surface is pretty comfortable. You will still feel a bit of pain, but it’s the good kind of pain that hurts oh so good!

Keep on pushing through it in order to see the maximum results. You’ll also get used to it over time, like you do with anything so don’t give up before you start seeing results.

The other thing we love about this foam roller from King Athletic is the lifetime warranty. A company that stands behind their products with a serious warranty? Love it! And we’d most certainly recommend spending a bit more money on something like this product than some of the very cheap foam rollers you’ll see on Amazon.

The really cheap rollers often don’t last more than a couple of months before they start to warp, and get misshapen. This makes them basically unusable, as you can’t roll smoothly on them.

Get your Foam Roller for Back Pain on Amazon Today

If you’re looking for a foam roller for lower back pain, this one from King Athletic is a great choice. You can check out the product description, pictures, as well as reviews over on Amazon: