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Styrofoam Cylinders: Choose the Best One | Best Foam Roller

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styrofoam cylinders

Choose the Best StyroFoam Cylinder

If you’re experiencing muscle pain and soreness on a constant basis, then you’ll need to consider foam rolling with styrofoam cylinders. While massages serve the same purpose as using a styrofoam cylinder, they are far more expensive. And they are out of reach of the average person for more than the occasional splurge.

However, a styrofoam cylinder, or a foam roller can do the same things. They both do myofascial release, which is essentially getting the muscle tissue to stop adhering to itself. In simple language, they both get the knots out and help you feel better! Another thing that both massages and foam rollers do is speed up recovery time.

Studies have shown that foam rolling after a tough workout can reduce muscle pain and stiffness post-exercise. This in turn leads to greater athletic performance in the coming days.

A question you might have is what is the difference between a foam roller and a styrofoam cylinder? The answer is that there is no difference! They are different names for the exact same thing. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best styrofoam cylinders to help you roll out those sore and tired muscles.

#1 Styrofoam Cylinder: The Rumble Roller

If you’re looking for a top-quality styrofoam cylinder, look no further than the Rumble Roller. It’s a top-quality foam roller at a very reasonable price.

The thing we love best about it is that it’s extremely firm and durable. This styrofoam cylinder will last you for years without warping or bending like some of the cheap ones on the market today. But, even though it’s very hard and dense, the knobs on it make it less painful of a massage.

The RumbleRoller is backed by an unmatched 3-year warranty. Most other styrofoam cylinder offer only 6 months to a year, and the cheapest ones offer nothing! For more details, you can see our full review of the RumbleRoller.

You can check out this awesome styrofoam cylinder for foam rolling for yourself on Amazon:

#2 Styrofoam Cylinder: The TriggerPoint Grid Roller

Next up on our list of the best styrofoam cylinder is the TriggerPoint Grid Roller. It’s quite similar to the RumbleRoller in terms of stiffness and quality. The main different is that the bumps on it are much flatter.

Although it still does have some texture to it, the massage will feel much harder. However, this is exactly what some people may want! If you’re a total beginner to foam rolling, you may want to try out the RumbleRoller first.

There certainly are a ton of extremely satisfied customers. There is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We also love the detailed instructional booklet that comes along with this top-quality styrofoam cylinder.  If you need more information, you can check out our TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller Review. 

Or, just head on over to Amazon to buy the TriggerPoint Roller:

#3 Styrofoam Cyclinder: Amazon Basics Foam Roller

The previous two styrofoam cylinders mentioned have knobs on them that make foam rolling less painful. Although they are both extremely firm and dense (they’ll last forever!), they don’t give you the hardest massage possible.

If you’re looking for a firm and dense roller, minus the bells and whistles, then you’ll need to consider these styrofoam cylinders from Amazon. The Amazon Basics Foam Rollers are economical choices that are still top-quality.

The Amazon Basics line has a reputation for offering simple, but well-made products at reasonable prices and this styrofoam cylinder is no exception. If you want a “hard” massage, this may be the one for you.

One of the best things about this hard foam roller is the travel size. It can easily fit into a gym bag or suitcase to take with you when you’re on the road.

You can see our Amazon Basics Foam Roller Review for more details.

Or, head over to Amazon to check out the product reviews and description for yourself:

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