RumbleRoller Review: Is the Rumble Roller Extra Firm Right For You?

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Are you looking for a top-quality foam roller that’ll last you for years and hurt so good? Then the Rumbleroller should certainly be at the top of your list. Experienced users, as well as beginners both have lots of great things to say about this product.

Read our buying guide packed with information to help you decide if it’s the right option for you. If you want to restore flexibility and reduce pain, it probably is!

STI – Rumble Roller – 31″ Extra Firm Black

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  • The surface of the RumbleRoller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but…
  • The bumps continuously knead the contours of your body
  • Gently stretches soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions
  • This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief…
  • You can control the amount of pressure the bumps apply to your body (less than 2″…

Rumble Roller Review: Bring Relief to Many Common Types of Injuries

The RumbleRoller was first launched by Ron Johnson and his wife, Lori. When they both came across many injuries which needed complete care and treatment, they decided to go for something really soothing which could benefit them for longer period of time. They developed the Rumble Roller as a massage tool for the body.

Top Pick for Foam Roller

We’ve reviewed many, many foam rollers on this website, and can honestly say that the Rumble Roller is one of the best. You can tell that the Rumble Roller Foam Roller has been made with love by people who actually use it.

Extra Firm, but Not Painful

Out of all the foam rollers we have at our house, this is the one that gets the most use. It’s the perfect combination of firm, but not painful. This is due to the underlying firmness of the roller, along with the knobs which reduce tension on any one specific spot.

However, if we had to categorize it, the Rumble Roller actually belongs in the extra firm category. It has some serious density to it, which gives you a great triggerpoint release, as well as making it extremely durable.

Rumble Roller: Developed by a Biomechanical Engineer

Ron Johnson, being a biomechanical engineer, worked on it and produced this tool for body massage so that it could benefit athletes and other people. It provides you with an intense and affordable massage. If you find weekly trips to a massage therapist too expensive, a foam roller is an excellent, economical alternative. The best part about it? It actually works!

Relieve Muscle Pain

Trainers and athletes use this RumbleRoller in order to relieve muscle pain. This article will focus on the features of RumbleRoller and its pros and cons will also be a part of the discussion below. Another item that you might want to consider, along with the RumbleRoller is a percussion massage gun.

Expensive, but Worth It?

Although the RumbleRoller is one of the most expensive foam rollers on the market today, it’s worth it. Keep on reading for our explanation of why we love this thing so much and personally use it almost every single day.

Rumbleroller Review: The Summary

The final verdict on the Rumbleroller is that it can hit some very deep trigger points and works well as releasing tension throughout the body. In user reviews, some people love the knobs because they can work smaller areas while some people find them uncomfortable. Either way, the Rumble Roller is well-made and very durable.

Rumble Roller: The Best in Foam Rollers

“This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in years, hands down. I’ve tried and reviewed nearly a dozen foam rollers with similar features, but am most satisfied with this one. Although it take a while to get used to the knobs on it, it just makes my body feel really, really good. I use it mostly on my legs and neck.”

We love that it works in multiple directions to deal with muscular pain, due to the nubs on it. This makes it ideal for targeting those tiny muscles, along with the big ones at the same time.

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3-Year Warranty

One of the best things about this exercise roller is that the three-year warranty is one of the best in the business. A conventional warranty for this type of equipment is six months to a year.

They certainly stand behind their products and the satisfied customers are proof of this.

Shop Now

You can check out the RumbleRoller for yourself on Amazon today. Don’t forget to see if it’s eligible for free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership. Restore your health with a roller today:

Features of the RumbleRoller

There are a number of points to consider about this foam roller:

  • It is a nice combination of hard and soft, with a standard diameter.
  • It has a specially designed shape with bumps that feel like the thumbs of a massage therapist.
  • Gently stretches your soft tissues in different ways.
  • The bumps of RumbleRoller knead the contours of your body while you massage.
  • It is quick at relieving pain for your common muscular problems.
  • This roller is a great deal more forceful than the traditional roller and can get further in the muscle belt to achieve the hardest trigger focuses.
  • Its bumps are softer than your bones and also strong at the same time.
  • There is less space between bumps so they can contact your body easily.
  • You can always control the pressure of bumps on your body through some simple techniques.
  • When you move back and forth it gives you deeper relief.
  • You will feel great after experiencing this sort of natural massage in its own manner.
  • The RumbleRoller was particularly intended to copy a thumb-like back rub with a specific end goal to separate hitched muscle strands, diminish muscle pressure, and soothe tense muscle.
  • It is one of the best investments for your body.
  • It is more flexible, soothing, and relaxing for your body’s needs compared to other foam rollers.
  • Fortify further layers of muscle tissue.
  • RumbleRoller stretches your muscle in different planes.
  • Choice of color (black or blue)

“This foam roller is worth every single penny. My only regret is not getting one far sooner than I did-all that wasted money on massage appointments! It’s perfect for getting into those trigger points and it’s firm—a sign that it’ll last for years without compressing.”

Check out this RumbleRoller Review

Rumble Roller Pros

  • It is expensive, but very beneficial in the long run and one of the top brands.
  • No matter if you are fat or chubby, this will support your body easily.
  • It is a high-quality product as it does not deform or compress over time.
  • It is made of recycled material.
  • RumbleRoller is made in U.S.A. and is available anywhere.
  • It will not absorb, sweat unlike other low-quality foam rollers.
  • The RumbleRoller will never harm you as it is lined, and latex free in case you have an allergy.
  • It will not hurt you anywhere.
  • The RumbleRoller’s projections and bumpers truly do act like little fingers.
  • You can feel the benefit straight away after using it.
  • It helps in rapid recovery of any muscle pain.
  • It comes in two colors, blue and black. The blue one is softer; the black one is harder.
  • It is incredible for individuals with “thicker” tissues.
  • It reduces tightness of your muscles.
  • Ideal for people in serious training to assist with quicker recovery times.

Rumble Roller Cons

  • It takes a lot of time for shipping.
  • You won’t be in need of replacing this as it does not deform over a period of time.
  • Its prices are high compared to other foam rollers.
  • The black RumbleRoller is very painful due to the high density.

Do you like the sound of this Rumble Roller review? You can find out all the details you need to know about it here:

Can I Use the RumbleRoller for Travelling?

There are various sizes of foam rollers, ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches. The Rumbleroller is much the same. If you want to take it with you in your suitcase, then we recommend the half size version which is 12 inches. It’s both light and compact in size.

This should fit easily into most standards suitcases. However, if space is at a serious premium, or you’re just going with carry-on, you may want to bring a massage roller ball instead.

What do People Think about the Rumble Roller?

“Hard, but not too firm because of the nubs on it. If you find it a bit much, just wear a sweatshirt or something to take off the edge. One of the best foam rollers I’ve tried, and it seems super durable so far. I tried it at the gym, but liked it so much that I bought one for home use. Add a few minutes of this to the end of your workout or before going to bed at night and you’ll definitely start to feel better.”

“I’ve been using it for a few minutes most days of the week and my neck and back feel better than they have in years. Love this thing and would totally recommend it to anyone with body pain of any kind. It’s the perfect combination of firm but flexible. My physical therapist recommended it to me and I’m so happy that she did!”

“Got the travel size on the recommendation of my chiropractor because my regular one was too big to take on vacation. After using it for a few days, I’ve made the switch permanently to this one! It gets into the soft tissue in a way that the smoother rollers can’t. And you can use it for exercises to improve your core strength as well.”

Final Verdict on the RumbleRoller Foam Roller

The RumbleRoller is one of the best massage tools on the market today. Trust us, there are no shortage of imitators that fall far, far short over on Amazon. This foam roller is developed by engineers according to the strictest quality standards.

Top-Notch Design

The patented design combined with cutting edge construction results in an excellent product that you’ll be using for years to come. The company says that their foam roller is “head and shoulders above the rest.” In our experience, this really is true.

“The RumbleRoller is an awesome product. It helps work out the kinks and knots in my back and it seems indestructible. My husband and I have both been using it for a year now and it seems brand new. We use it multiple times a day!”

It’s perfect for dealing with many common types of muscular pain. It can get to the smaller parts of the body that other foam rollers can’t.

Smooth vs. Nubs

Advanced foam rollers will know that the smoother rollers are ideal for large muscles. They certainly do a great job at getting out those knots and getting some blood flowing. The normal surface rollers can work for lots of people most certainly.

However, if you want to target and release the fascia in smaller areas, something like the RumbleRoller will be more effective. Try it out for yourself and you’ll likely find that you body can respond very well to this type of activity.

Mostly, we just love that it’s a firmer roller, but doesn’t feel that way when actually using it.

The Ideal Amount of Massage Pressure

With smoother foam rollers, it can be difficult to get the exact right amount of pressure. However, with the Rumble Roller, it’s super easy to get the exact right amount of massage pressure thanks to the little knobs. It’s a nice mix of not too soft, but not too hard.

A Ton of Benefits

There no disadvantage to having a RumbleRoller. It is very useful and will benefit you in every single way. If you are not deterred by the price then it’s a must-have. In our opinion, spending a bit more money on a top-quality foam roller is worth it.

Don’t Waste your Money on the Cheap Ones

The cheap ones are so flimsy that they often collapse and dent after even just a couple of uses. Don’t waste your money and just get yourself one that will last for years and years, even with the heaviest of users and with the heaviest of use.

Rumble Roller vs Foam Roller

If you’re looking to buy a foam roller, you may want to know what the differences between the Rumble Roller and regular foam rollers are. Basically, it’s all about the bumps. The Rumble Roller is very firm, but has stiff knobs on it that are designed to release some of the pressure and get into those small little spots.

On the other hand, a regular foam roller is smooth and ideal for things like the IT band, or areas of the body that are a little more sensitive like the hamstrings.

Can the Rumble Roller Get Rid of Cellulite?

A common question that people is whether or not the Rumble Roller can get rid of cellulite. That would be like a dream come true, right? The truth is that there isn’t much research in this area, particularly with the knobby foam rollers like the RumbleRoller but what we do know about it can be found here:

Foam Rolling and Cellulite.

How Can I Use a Rumble Roller?

Check out this short video below for all the details you need to know about using a Rumbleroller to relieve your aches and pains. Let’s get to the Rumbleroller exercises!

Compare Foam Rollers

Besides the Rumble Roller, there are plenty of other top-quality foam rollers to choose from. You can see some of our top picks here:

Comparison Chart

51T6X9HGjeS. SL500
AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller – 12-Inches
310ZcGMU59L. SL160
TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, 2.0 (26-Inch)
61v1j9n+jiL. SL500
Foam Roller, LuxFit Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles 3 Year Warranty High Density Foam Roller for Physical Therapy Exercise Deep Tissue Muscle Massage. Back Leg and Body Roller (Blue, 12 Inch)

What about the Beastie Ball?

If you’re looking for something that can target smaller areas like around your shoulder blades, or in your neck, then a large foam roller like this one may not be right for you. Most people use these rollers for larger areas of the body such as the IT band, or legs.

The same company behind the Rumbleroller, also makes a massage ball, the Beastie Ball. It’s similar in quality, and has kind of a similar design with bumps on it. One of the things we love is that it has a stand with it, which makes it easier to use.

You can check it out on Amazon here:

RumbleRoller BOA Original Beastie Massage Ball + Base

315rts5fM8L. SL500

  • Eases muscle knots
  • Mobility aid
  • Less pain

Is there a Cheap Rumble Roller?

The RumbleRoller is one of the most expensive options today. You may not want to spend this much money on a product that you’re not even sure if you’ll like. There are some cheap Rumble Roller options that have very similar designs. Out of these, the one from Planet Fitness is probably our favourite:

Planet Fitness Muscle Massager Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage, Back, Trigger Point Therapy, Grey 18″

41ywuGrgy+L. SL500

  • The perfect companion to yoga and Pilates , but well suited for runners or for…
  • Great before exercise to stretch and prevent injuries . Amazing after a workout for…
  • Roll out your back , apply pressure anywhere on the body for myofascial release ,…
  • Foam rollers are perfect for runners , crossfit performance , cellulite reduction ,…
  • One of the best pilates and yoga accessories , the massage roller is also helpful for…

Rumble Roller vs Trigger Point Grid

Along with the Rumbleroller, one of the other most popular options is the TriggerPoint Grid. They’re both made from high density foam and are durable enough to last a lifetime. They also fall into a similar price range. And they’re also both considered to be a textured foam roller as opposed to a smooth one.

But, the major difference is that although the grid has some texture to it, it’s nothing like the Rumberoller. It leans more towards a smoother foam roller than a textured one in many ways.

Some people may prefer this smoother roller because they find it more comfortable to use, while others prefer the more aggressive knobs. What you prefer is really up to you! Try them both out so that you can decide for yourself.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-inch), Orange

41ZvBCySalL. SL500

  • Patented foam roller design offers a superior, multi-density exterior constructed…
  • Constructed from quality materials that won’t break down or lose shape from repeated…
  • Includes access to free online instructional video library on foam rolling best…
  • Trusted foam roller of physical and massage therapists, coaches, trainers and…
  • Original GRID: Standard density, 13 x 5.5 inches, 500 pound weight limit; 1 year…

Rumble Roller vs. Foam Roller

What about the Rumble Roller vs. a regular foam roller? What’s the difference, and which one should you consider? In general, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

Some people find that the knobs on the RumbleRoller are a little bit aggressive and they prefer a smoother roller. On the other hand, other people like the fact that the knobs can hit those little trigger points in a way that the smoother rollers can’t.

It’s not really a matter of one being better than the other. It’s up to you to find the option that works best for your body, and also what your body can handle in terms of the “hurts so good” kind of thing.

Rumble Roller FAQs

There are a number of common questions that people have about using this popular foam roller. Here are the answers to some of the most popular ones.

What is a Rumble Roller used for?

The Rumble Roller is used for breaking up knotted muscle fibres, dealing with sticky fascia, as well as decreasing muscle tension and tightness. The knobs mimic a deep tissue massage.

Is the Rumbleroller worth it?

The Rumbleroller is one of the more expensive rollers so you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth it. It certainly is if you’re looking for a massage with knobs to get into all the small little parts of your muscles that a smooth roller can’t. The Rumble Roller is a premium roller that most people really like.

Are bumpy foam rollers better?

Bumpy foam rollers can be better than smooth ones because they can precisely target the knots in your muscles. However, they can be a little bit aggressive and may not be the best choice for beginners to foam rolling.

What size does the Rumbleroller come in?

You can find the Rumbleroller in two different sizes: 12 and 31-inches. The full-length version is ideal for most people but opt for the smaller one if you plan to take it when travelling. Both of them are 6-inches in diameter.

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