How The Use Of A Physio Foam Roller Helps to Builds Muscle

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You’ve probably incorporated physio foam rollers into your workout already – they’re great to stretch with!

But no matter what type of workout you’re doing, lots of research out there confirms that strength training (AKA muscle building) will help you do it better – especially if most of your workouts are cardio-based.

And even if you’re mostly focused on building muscle at the moment, a physio foam roller can help you to maximize your routine, so that your body can achieve a gain of a pound, or even a pound, of muscle mass each week.

Read on to figure out how a physio foam roller  can not only stretch you, but help you get serious, beach-worthy muscles!

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How Your Foam Roller Targets Muscle Growth

Here’s a secret your gym trainer might not want you to know: you can build up your muscles – fast – without doing brutal machine circuit workouts at your gym. And, unlike the stress of machines, your physio foam roller won’t cause you to feel stiff and sore afterward.

So, how does it work?

First of all, a foam roller increases mobility and flexibility. That’s why, yes, you do see foam rollers used a lot in stretches. But the specific way in which a foam roller stretches you out increases your muscle growth.

That’s because a physio foam roller targets the fascia. These are tissues that run over and throughout your muscles. They’re also what’s to blame for the knots that cause you so much pain throughout the day, whether you’re working out or just working out your desk.

These fascia tissues tighten up when you’re not active, or when you don’t move a hyper-specific part of your body for a while. Especially if you’ve been doing the same workout routine, you can easily ignore other body parts.

Your physio foam roller rolls right on over these tissues, in a sense combing them ou and releasing these tense points. The result? You can move and extend fully again.

This doesn’t just mean you’ll get a more intense workout.

This is also how foam rollers help to tone parts of your body you can’t seem to “fix,” and how they can help you get over a workout plateau.

Prevents Bulking Up

It can also prevent you from “bulking up” in certain parts of your body that you would really prefer to keep on the leaner side. That’s because now, you’re involving more of your body in the workout, so your weight and range of motion isn’t limited to one specific area.

A final benefit of foam rollers? They can increase your blood flow, leading to better circulation and more oxygen running through your body.

This will help you to get through more strenuous workouts because your body will have the oxygen it needs to keep going.

To make sure you’re getting everything your physio foam roller has to offer in terms of stretching you out, take about 5-7 minutes before, and again after, your workout to focus on any areas of your body that feel especially tight.

In our next section, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite foam roller moves!

If You’re Feeling Stressed: Use a Foam Roller

These days, it’s impossible to avoid getting stressed out. Whether it’s work, your kids or even the news (especially the news) people are trying everything they can to calm down and recenter themselves.

A physio foam roller can help.

Of course, what do we do with our bodies when we feel stressed? Often, we clench and arch our shoulders and upper back. To fix this, you’ll need to line up your spine and focus on opening your chest wide. Try:

  • Resting on your back, with your foam roller vertically in line with your spine. Keep your palms up, and at your sides to start. Take one deep breath in, hold for three, then blow out again.
  • Breathe in the second time, and slowly bring your arms up over your head (this also requires a little bit of balance!)
  • As you slowly breathe out, reach your arms down to your sides again.
  • Aim to complete this cycle about ten times. If you fall, just get right back on – it happens to all of us!

That said, there are some better times to foam roll than others. Learn more here: What’s the Ideal Time for Foam Rolling?

If You Have Serious Knots Try Foam Rolling

Knots are, of course, also a sign of stress. But they can also be caused from sitting too long at your desk or behind the wheel. If you’ve ever experienced ones that just won’t go away, you know how much they can ruin your day.

To get your life and productivity back on track by getting rid of the pain:

  • Rest on your back, with your physio foam roller sitting horizontally in the middle of your back (kind of in the area where your bra would clasp.) Since your neck and upper body will be off the roller, put your fingers behind your head to give them proper support. Bend your knees.
  • Use your bent knees to slowly push your back over the foam roller. As you roll up, breathe in. Try not to let the foam roller go past your shoulders and into your neck. Again, be patient with yourself. It’s not about how far you can go, it’s about how well you’re doing the movements.
  • Then, while breathing out, use your legs again to move your body back over the roller, avoiding hitting the tailbone. (Bonus: you may also work your abs a little with this move!)
  • Repeat this cycle at least ten times, focusing on your breathing and remembering to go slowly.

Ready To Make Your Physio Foam Roller Part Of Your Workout?

We know this post has probably gotten you completely hyped up to use a foam roller to both stretch out your muscles and increase their flexibility.

With a foam roller, you can get stronger – faster and safer.

So, where can you find your own? That’s where we come in. We offer a variety of foam rollers so that you can find the perfect fit for you. Or, just check out one of our top-rated foam rollers on Amazon, the Rumble Roller. It’s a top-quality foam roller at a very reasonable price.

Don’t stay in pain or in a plateau in your workout for one more week! Get your foam roller today, and check out our awesome website to learn more.

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