Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls Review

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Are you looking for a simple, affordable way to relieve your body’s aches and pains? Then you may want to consider the Kieba Massage Lacrosse Ball. It’s a top-quality self-massager that comes at a very reasonable price.

Read our buying guide packed with information to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release

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Kieba Massage Ball Review

Sometimes after training, we feel stiffness or tension in the neck, lower back, shoulders, joint pain, but if you go to a therapist, they will tell you that everything is fine, that with rest and anti-inflammatories, your pain will be removed.

We often want to go straight to the point of pain when we should look further and see the origin. Many of these pains come from overloads at a deeper level than the muscular one, and this is where fascias take center stage.

What is Fascia and What is its Function?

The fascia is the membrane that surrounds all body structures. It’s both at the most superficial level (muscles, joints, bones) and at a deeper level (organs, viscera, blood vessels, cells).

To give you an idea, it is that transparent membrane that you can see in a chicken covering the breasts, thighs, etc. It is formed by a connective tissue that extends throughout the body providing protection, coating, support and stability, preservation of body temperature, nourish tissues, wound healing, etc.

To “free” or reduce that rigidity to the fascia, we resort to the well-known “myofascial release” massage. It is nothing more than applying movements and pressures maintained on the fascias. The goal is to restore mobility, sliding, and displacement to them.

Seeing a physiotherapist doing this technique may seem funny because he puts his hands on the affected area, closes his eyes and as a shaman connects to your body and “dance” to the sound of your fascias. Others place their hands and stretch the skin very gently changing the direction, like “moving the skin,” others work on the trigger points.

It can feel a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s usually not painful.

Benefits of Massaging with the Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls

There are a number of benefits to self-massage balls like this one. Here are just a few of them.

Increase Blood Flow in the Venous System

Each rub applied along the irrigation of the venous system helps its circulation. When using the massage balls, increased pressure is produced in the vessels of the treated area and the underlying space in those that are further apart. Both pressure changes contribute to fluid irrigation in the venous vessels and allow entry to new fluids from deeper tissues.

The increase in return flow improves the supply of arterial blood that has to fill the free vessels. When muscles are tense, or there is pressure in their compartments, circulation is inhibited in tendons, ligaments, and muscles. By making it richer in oxygen and vital substances for restoration and growth, the pumping effect performed with massage is essential for the recovery of tissues and muscles.

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Muscle Recovery

Massage with this ball also causes the membranes to open, facilitating the exchange of fluids and improving the expelling of muscle wastes such as lactic acid, which forms in the muscles during and immediately after laborious exercise. Oxygenated fluids rich in nutrients are then absorbed more easily. This function normalizes the metabolism of the tissue and facilitates its recovery after a workout or in competition.

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Improvement of Recovery

Utilizing the massage techniques, it is also possible to return the elasticity to the hard musculature and lack of flexibility; this is important in the tissues that are regularly subjected to high tension in certain positions.

How to Use a Massage Ball to Relieve Back Pack

Analgesic Effects

Its calming and analgesic action is given by reflex acts that affect the central nervous system. It can also cause the release of endorphins that cancel out the pain sensations in the brain. The stimulation of the receptors through the massage has been demonstrated that it alleviates the pain and muscular tension.

In conclusion, massage with these lacrosse balls increases toning, contractility and temperature and by the action, it has on the central nervous system, anesthesia massage or on the contrary active. It also improves cellular nutrition and by reflex action increases the activity of the organs involved.

After an effort as necessary as the Marathon, the musculature of the lower limbs tends to retract very quickly. Furthermore, this musculature is much more sensitive to pain. This is due to its tone increased by the effort and excitation of the neuromuscular system.

With the muscles already cold and very shortened, the unpleasant sensation produced by a massage is experienced with violent maneuvers, contraindicated in that situation.

The referred pain occurs when a trigger point is pressed, but the pain is felt in another part of your body.

How to Use Massage Balls

What are Some of the Techniques?

Myofascial techniques are performed through the use of the thumbs, a tennis ball, something like the Theracane Massager, or a lacrosse ball. There are also some specific tools sold for the release of trigger points. Many physical therapists and massage therapists also undergo extensive training to become certified therapists of myofascial trigger point techniques.

Home, or in the Physiotherapist’s Office

However, myofascial liberation techniques are intended to be a form of self-help. In addition to the treatment, the therapist’s task is to give instructions on the different types of myofascial release so that you can perform procedures at home. Any good therapist will send you home with a list of exercises to try between visits. 

What do People Think about the Kieba Massage Ball?

“Nothing fancy here…they’re just basic massage balls. You can use them on trigger points and they work especially well on the shoulders. These are some top-quality ones that stay firm forever. My old ones were too soft to really work that well.”

“I’ve had unbearable pain due to a tailbone and have ended up in the ER a couple of times. I’ve been going to physiotherapy and he recommended trying out these things. I was skeptical, but they really do seem to work and my pain is now at a manageable level. No more ER trips in the future I hope.”

“Great purchase…a nice product at a reasonable price and cheaper than a foam roller. But, does it work? Most definitely, yes. I do a quick nightly session and feel a whole lot better. It’s a game-changer for me.”

What can you do with Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls?

Although you can perform many of these techniques on your own, it may be helpful to consult a qualified myofascial therapist at the beginning to make sure they are functioning correctly.

You can actually hurt yourself and cause more pain by doing something like this.

Shoulder pain

Almost all people experience shoulder pain at some time. This technique will help you massage and release the trigger points located along the scapula. Place a lacrosse ball inside an old sock. This will help you prevent the ball from falling.

Stand with your back against a wall and put the ball between the wall and the shoulder. Focus on where the soft tissue lies between the spine and the shoulder bone. Holding the end of the sleeve with one hand, press your body against the wall while you lean over the ball. Move your body adjusting it until you feel any of the adjusted points.

Buttocks pain

Pain in the buttocks can also be relieved with the lacrosse ball. Place the ball in the center of the buttocks. Press your buttocks against the wall and roll the ball around the side of the buttocks. Focus on massaging tight or tight points. Repeat in the other hand with the ball under your buttocks and your hips moving around to press narrow spaces.

Hip pain

Locate the sharp points on the side of the hip and move your body by massaging and releasing these points. According to Lucy Whyte Ferguson and Robert Gerwin authors of the book “Clinical expertise in the treatment of myofascial pain,” you must avoid the sciatic nerve. This it to prevent sciatic pain from worsening. If you are not sure where your sciatic nerve is, you should consult a therapist trained in trigger points before performing this technique.

Self-Myofascial Release with a Lacrosse Ball

The Takeaway on the Kieba Massage Balls

The Kieba Massage Lacrosse balls are great for massaging and really make a difference if you want to reduce body pain as well as relaxation. They have a ton of great reviews, and can work for a variety of different exercises. They are particularly useful at targeting those small muscles such as under the shoulders blades.

They’re reasonably priced and a solid win in our books! Of course, almost any lacrosse ball will do so you don’t need to get this specific brand.

However, you may prefer a ball with spikes on it. If this is the case, our top-rated one is the Rumble Roller Beastie.

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