J-Fit High Density EVA Foam Roller Review | Best Foam Roller

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An Introduction to Foam Rolling

If you constantly have aches and pains, foam rolling might be for you. It’s an excellent way to help ease those sore muscles after running, weightlifing, or a physically demanding job. The way it works is that foam rolling hits trigger points, which helps release fascia from itself, or from muscles.

Tense muscles and knots release, blood flow increases to the area and you’ll feel better. With consistent use, most people notice some significant results! For more details about using foam rollers, check out: Does Foam Rolling Really Work?

In the world of foam rollers, there are two main choices: the cheap ones and the more expensive ones. The cheap ones are not a great buy because they often warp, flatten and distort after as little as a few uses.

They are also quite hard to clean because the foam can be quite porous. And they are most certainly not suitable for heavier users, or for places like a fitness center where they will be used multiple times in a single day.

An Introduction to the J-Fit EVA Foam Roller

Then there are the more expensive foam rollers like the J-Fit High Density EVA Roller. They are made from top-quality, high density foam that is much more durable than the cheap foam rollers.

While they do cost a little bit more, they last a lot longer and can handle even the heaviest user. They are also great for places like a fitness center, yoga studio or CrossFit box where multiple people will use them each day.

Unlike some of the cheaper foam rollers, the J-Fit EVA foam roller comes in four different sizes (see: Foam Roller Sizes for more information). 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches x 6 inches. The smallest foam roller is great for traveling because you can put it in your suitcase while the larger foam roller is perfect for shoulder alignment, full body rolling as well as Pilates.

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J-Fit EVA Foam Roller Pros:

  • High quality EVA foam
  • 4 different sizes
  • Vinyl finish for easy cleaning
  • Can handle even the heaviest users
  • Will last for years
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases range of motion

J-Fit EVA Foam Roller Cons:

  • More expensive than other foam rollers
  • Has a chemical smell when opening the box.

The Verdict on the J-Fit EVA Foam Roller

If you’re looking for a top-quality EVA foam roller, this one from J-Fit makes an excellent choice. It’s a top-quality foam roller than is made from the highest density foam. In terms of feel, it’s extremely hard at the core, but it has a bit of give on the outside to make for a more comfortable use.

The J-Fit EVA foam roller makes an excellent choice for gym or yoga studio because it comes in four different sizes, is designed for multiple uses each day over a long period of time and has a vinyl finish that is easy to clean. It’s a perfect choice for at home as well and most people who buy it seem to love it, as demonstrated by the extremely high user ratings.

You can get the J-Fit EVA Foam Roller on Amazon today: