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Are you looking for a simple massage ball to relieve those aches and pains? Then the Orb foam roller ball should be at the top of your list. Read our buying guide packed with information to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Massage Ball - 5' Blue
433 Reviews
Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Massage Ball - 5" Blue
  • Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target areas
  • Deep tissue massage: reduces muscle fatigue, promotes flexibility, and enhances...
  • 5" diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to: IT Band,...
  • Includes product manual detailing how to use the product

Foam Roller Ball: The ORB Review

If you are having problems with stubborn aches, pains, or tense muscles, then chances are you could benefit from using a foam roller ball. Most people who have used this tool love it because it is very lightweight and portable. It’s also far cheaper than many of the other options for sore muscles including a massage, chiropractor or muscle relaxants.

Ideal for Travel

Foam roller balls are extremely portable. Our top pick, The Orb Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball is 5 inches in diameter which means that it can fit into any suitcase when you’re traveling. We love this thing!

Target Small Areas with this Massage Ball

Foam rollers are a great pick for those who have larger areas they want to focus on, such as hips or lower back. This foam roller ball makes a great pick for those who want to focus on smaller muscles such as calves or the IT band. People really like this foam roller ball as opposed to a foam roller for their leg muscles in particular.

Work Out Those Knots

The ORB is ideal for self-massage and working through knots, and sore muscles that might be hindering your daily life or keeping you from your maximum athletic performance. It can help increase blood flow and oxygen to your tired muscles and relieve kinks, helping you to feel better.

Where to Buy this yoga roller ball?

You can easily get this top-quality product on Amazon today. Don’t forget to see if it’s eligible for free shipping with a Prime membership:


Features of this Muscle Roller Ball

Here are some of the things you need to know about this massage ball.

The Perfect Size

Many people find that smaller foam roller balls that are similar in size to a tennis ball are too small. They are quite painful to use sometimes because the contact point is too small. However, bigger ones aren’t that good either because they don’t really do anything.

However, the Orb Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball is right in the middle. It’s big enough that it won’t be painful to use. But, it will give your body a nice, targeted massage to your problem areas.

Many reviewers mentioned that it works especially well for neck and shoulders, calves, hamstrings and gluts as well as triceps and biceps. These areas can sometimes be difficult to target with a foam roller.


Some people use something like a tennis ball in place of a foam roller ball. While this can work reasonably well, the firmness is often not enough to get a deep tissue massage. The Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball has a bit of give but it’s also very firm so you can target sore areas effectively. This ball is made of a type of foam and not rubber, which means that it’s durable and should last you as long as a foam roller would.

How to Use a Muscle Roller Ball

Do you want to learn some exercises, along with tips or tricks to get the best use out of your yoga roller ball? Check out this short video below for all the details you need to know:

Pros of this Foam Ball Roller:

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Deep tissue massage for smaller muscles
  • Perfect firmness
  • Small enough to travel with
  • Durable
  • Excellent customer service
  • 6-month warranty
  • Can help to manage tightness and pain in muscles

Cons of this Ball Foam Roller: 

  • Some reports that it’s not very durable (mainly people who stood on it). However, the company does offer a free replacement.
  • Perhaps not hard enough for some people
  • Can be painful to use (but, this is actually a positive perhaps?)

What do People Think About It?

—>Check More User Ratings and Reviews Here<—

“I have a terrible back and about twice a year, I’m confined to bed. This thing has been a lifesaver though. As soon as I start to feel pain coming on, I go through my routine and so far, so good. No more pain and I think my recovery is way quicker than if I didn’t use it! The entire time I’ve been using it consistently, I’ve actually had way fewer bad spells. You will notice a difference.”

“I tore my rotator cuff and suffered from terrible pain because of it. I started to use this thing every morning and night and found a lot of success at loosening up the muscles in that area. It’s even helped me to be able to begin training and running again”

“This thing can get into certain areas better than a foam roller can. I’m a body builder so always have sore muscles and this thing has been a game-changer for me. The key is to learn how to use it correctly so watch a few videos on YouTube or ask your trainer for some help with it.”

Orb Roller Ball Review

Verdict on this Foam Roller Ball

If you’re looking for a more targeted deep tissue massage on your smaller muscles, the ORB is a great choice. People LOVE it for massaging their calf, glute, foot, and hamstring muscles. It’s a great size and also the perfect firmness for the average person.

An Ideal Firmness

Not too painful but also not too soft that it doesn’t do anything. It’s small enough that you can easily take it with you than traveling and it is more practical for traveling than a foam roller.

Target Small Areas

A foam roller is ideal for those big area of your body, but it may not get in there to those tiny muscles. That’s where a massage ball can come in handy. Check it out for yourself to see the difference regular use of this thing can make to those chronic aches and pains.

Where Can I Get It?

Does it sound like the right thing for you? Check now for the best prices on and order yours today:


Compare Roller Balls

You can see some of our top pics in the chart below:

Muscle Roller Ball vs Foam Roller

Okay, so you’re trying to decide between a regular foam roller that’s shaped like a cylinder and a foam roller ball. Which one will work best for you? Is there one that’s better than the other if your goal is optimal muscle recovery? Let’s find out!

Similar Results with Both Tools

In reality, you can get quite similar results from either device (and also with a muscle roller stick) and they all work on much the same principles. All three things help to release the fascia and relieve trigger points. This process increases blood flow and relaxation and should assist you in recovering from an injury or tough workout more quickly.

Short workouts with any of these items, done consistently can improve your health and overall well-being.

What about for Travel?

It’s obvious that a yoga roller ball is much better for traveling. You could even through it into your purse and do it on the airplane. While a foam roller is obviously much bigger, you can get shorter ones that are designed for travel and will fit into your suitcase.

How About at the Gym?

Do you like to do some rolling after a workout? If there’s going to be one of these two items at the gym, it’ll likely be the foam roller. That’s because smaller things like lacrosse balls can tend to go missing pretty easily!

For Small, or Large Areas of the Body

If you want to dig into those small areas of the body like under the shoulder blade or to deal with plantar fasciitis, then you’re going to want something like a lacrosse ball. However if you want to hit the IT band (the connective tissue that runs up the outside of your leg from the knee to the hip) for example, then you’ll want to use a traditional roller.

How to Exert Force on Trigger Points

When you use massage roller balls, you control the amount of force you’re exerting with your hands. The harder you press, the harder the massage on your muscle knots. There are some exceptions to this, such as when you’re massaging the legs or bottom of the feet for example, but it’s a general rule.

The only way to exert force on the body with a foam roller is by using your body weight. For some people with mobility issues, this can be extremely difficult to do and they may not be agile enough to do so. Many of the exercises require you to get down on the floor.

In this case, the ball (or a massage stick) would be a much better choice for them. You can do a lot with it sitting, or even laying down in bed.

Can I Use a Tennis Ball Roller?

You probably already have a tennis ball laying around your house and wonder if that will work, instead of buying something like the product we’re reviewed here.

If you have nothing else, then go for it. However, in our experience, a tennis ball isn’t the best option. It’s too big, and also not really firm enough. Most people find that they won’t get the best results.

Have your Say about the Orb

What are your thoughts about the Orb massage ball? Is it the top foam roller ball? Or, are you considering a standard foam roller? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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