Foam Roller for Back Pain Exercises

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Many people in our modern society have back pain. This can be from doing a very physical job that involves lots of bending and lifting. Or perhaps you have a lingering injury from a car accident or a sport. However, a more common cause is our sedentary lifestyles that involve sitting in office chairs or on our couches for 50+ hours per week. When you think about it, we actually spend a ton of time not moving our bodies around!

One solution for back pain is to be very careful when you lift heavy things. Make sure you are using your leg muscles and not just your back. Bend those legs and keep that back straight! See: Proper Lifting Technique on Web MD.

Another solution for back pain is to try not to sit so much in order to prevent pain in the first place. And when you do sit, make sure you have good posture and don’t slouch!

Finally, many people have found great success with using a foam roller for back pain. We’ve chosen our favourite videos displaying foam roller for back pain exercises. Get some relief for your back pain today! But, before you get started, we highly recommend that you check out the following videos below. There most certainly is a CORRECT way and an INCORRECT way to use a foam roller for back pain.

And the best part about it is that foam rollers cost around $20 or 30. Certainly cheaper than expensive chiropractic or physiotherapist appointments. We love foam rolling!

4 Top Foam Roller Stretches for a Healthy Spine 

From a Bozeman, Montana sports medicine specialist, this quick 3-minute video gives you the basics of foam rolling for back pain. It’s some solid advice from a guy who really knows what he’s talking about.

Using a Foam Roller for Back Pain

This video from a chiropractor in San Francisco gives you a basic overview of using a foam roller for back pain. There are also a few exercises that you can try for yourself at home. It’s another solid choice if you want to use a foam roller correctly.

Foam Roller Exercises for Mid and Upper Back Pain

This short video from an American chiropractor shows you the best techniques for using a foam roller for mid back pain and upper back pain. It’s a short video that can help you relieve a lot of pain!

Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain

This top rehab doctor gives an introduction to using a foam roller for back pain. It’s a solid video from a trusted source.

We hope that you found these videos helpful for learning how to use a foam roller for back pain. You’ll generally find that using a foam roller consistently over the course of a few weeks will help lessen the pain that you might have.

If you’re a beginner to foam rolling, and are looking for some advice about which foam roller to buy, then you’ll need to check out our article: Types of Foam Rollers. Or, check out our #1 pick for foam roller: Best Foam Roller for Back.