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Idson Roller Stick: The Best Leg Roller

The Idson Muscle Roller Stick is a #1 best seller on Amazon and is one of the best leg rollers that we’ve come across. Unlike traditional foam rollers, where you have to move your body on top of it, you move the roller stick itself.

This is a great option for those who want to experience myofascial release, but don’t have the mobility to do some of the traditional foam rolling exercises. You can also use this to hit tendons, which a traditional roller isn’t great at.

It’s also a great tool for those who wish to give someone a serious massage, but perhaps lack the hand strength to do it as hard as necessary. This is impossible to do with a traditional foam roller, which requires body weight.

It’s very easy using this Idson Roller Stick to get the force necessary to release serious knots and release the trigger points. Try it out for yourself! We’re sure that you’ll see some serious results after only a few weeks. Less stiffness and pain? Love it!

Why We Love the Idson Roller Stick

As far as roller sticks go, we love this one from Idson. It’s well designed and does exactly what it says it will do-aid in recovery after a tough workout by reducing stiffness and pain. This leg roller is cheaper than many of the others roller sticks out there, but has better reviews and a higher rating on Amazon.

It’s made from industrial strength plastic and designed to last a lifetime, even with heavy use. This thing really is extremely durable and it’s hard to see how it could possibly ever break!

We consider this one from Idson a top leg roller. It can be difficult for some people to position themselves correctly on a foam roller to get the release that they need. However, a roller stick makes it easier than every to hit the glutes, hamstrings or calves easily and effectively. All of these reasons make the Idson Roller Stick our top pick for leg roller.

Keep on reading for the pros and cons of the Idson Roller Stick. Or, head on over to Amazon and check it out for yourself:

Idson Roller Sticks Pros:

  • Cheaper than most of their competitors
  • Best seller status on Amazon
  • Industrial grade plastic (extremely durable)
  • Releases trigger points, reducing stiffness and pain after a tough workout
  • Small in size, ideal for travel and taking to the gym
  • Perfect for calves, gluts, and hamstrings
  • The perfect tool for a home therapy routine

Idson Roller Stick Cons:

  • Some people found the rollers too close together to work effectively
  • Others wanted more prominent knobs in a stick roller
  • Can pull your hair!

What Customers are Saying about the Idson Roller Stick:

“I use it to roll sore muscles in my legs, particularly my calves and hamstrings. It also works great for feet, which I do after every long run.”

“The Idson Muscle Roller Stick is a great self-therapy tool for muscles, tendons and lightly over the joint areas.

“This leg roller is helpful in relieving tight muscles and great for hitting trigger points. It allows you to reach areas you would not be able to reach ordinarily with a regular foam roller.”

The Takeaway on the Idson Muscle Roller Stick, the Best Leg Roller

If you’re looking for a top-quality muscle roller stick at a reasonable price, this one from Idson certainly makes a great choice. Although some people on Amazon mentioned that it’s very flat and doesn’t have knobs, or balls sticking out from it, this isn’t what it’s designed to be. If you want a roller stick to massage bigger muscles groups, this one from Idson is the one for you.

One thing worth mentioning is how it pulls your hair! If you’re a hairy person, and don’t shave your legs but plan on using it for a leg roller, you might be very unhappy. The rollers are very close together and it’s easy to grab your hair, which certainly feels very unpleasant.

However, if you’re not a hairy person and want a basic, flat stick to perform self-massage, this one makes a great pick. It’s very affordable, durable and although simple, does what it says it will do! If you’re looking to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, check out the Idson Muscle Roller Stick on Amazon today:

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