ProSource High Density Roller Review | Best IT Band Foam Roller

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A Review of the the ProSource Roller: The Best IT Band Foam Roller

If you’re looking for the best IT band foam roller, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give the straight facts on what kind of foam roller you need for IT band pain. According to runner’s world, stretching isn’t enough! When you have knots, stretching does essentially nothing because it’s only acting up the healthy tissues. In order to get out the knots, you’ll need to take some serious action with something like a foam roller.

When you bike, hike, or run a lot, you’re likely to have some IT band pain. This is where foam rolling for IT band pain can come in. Many people swear by it in fact.

You’ll find stories all over the Internet talking about how foam rolling allowed them to keep running without injury far longer than they normally would. If you IT band pain, you really have nothing to lose by trying out an IT band roller.

Keep on reading for our review of the ProSource High-Density Foam Roller. We’ve also included some of our favourite IT band foam rolling exercise to help you get started. Enjoy! And if you’re not looking for information, but just want to know what our top pick for IT band foam roller is, head on over to Amazon to check it out now:

IT Band Foam Rolling Exercises

Foam rolling for IT band pain can be very effective. Here are a few of our favourite exercises, as well as links to get some more information for how to cure IT band pain.

IT Band Rolling Exercises: Spark People

Spark People is often our go-to source for everything fitness. These guys really know what they’re talking about and we love how they give you the straight facts, minus all the fluff.

Foam Rolling Exercises for your IT Band: Runner’s World

Runner’s World is one of the most trusted names in health and fitness. Their advice about how to foam roll your IT band is solid and you should definitely check it out.

How to Stretch your IT Band and Glutes: Dr. Axe

After you’ve done a foam rolling workout, we always recommend some stretching. Check out this one specific to your hamstring and IT band. And of course, make sure you’re warm before you attempt any sort of stretching routine. Do some jumping jacks. Go for a jog. Play in the yard with your kids. Then try out these IT band stretches.

More Information about IT Band Pain and How to Relieve It

If you’re looking for a few resources to assist you in dealing with IT band pain, you’ll need to check out the following helpful articles:

IT Band Syndrome Rehab: Sports Injury ClinicThey include advice such as stretching, strengthening and also exploring possible causes of IT band pain.

Beating the Band, New Treatment Yields Results: Runner’s World. Some results from a recent study exploring treatment for those with IT band syndrome.

How to Aggressively Treat IT Band Syndrome: ActiveIf you have IT band pain and want to get rid of it as fast as possible, you’ll need to check out this article on They have five steps which include stopping running, cross-training, massaging (with a foam roller), strengthening and finally, sleeping more.

Now, let’s get back to the ProSource High Density foam roller, our top pick for IT band roller.

ProSource High Density Foam Roller Pros:

  • High density EPP foam
  • Made from recyclable foam
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Fast shipping
  • Affordably priced

ProSource High Density Foam Roller Cons:

  • Too hard and dense for some (ouch!)

The Takeaway on the ProSource IT Band Foam Roller

If you’re looking for an IT band foam roller, this foam roller from ProSource should be on your short-list. Of the three sizes, we recommend the 36 inch one. You’ll be able to do the big muscles on your body very effectively with this size of foam roller.

Made of super high-density EPP foam, this IT band foam roller is extremely durable and should last you for years. When you’re doing IT band foam rolling exercises, you’ll often be putting your full body weight on the foam roller, so you certainly don’t want a cheap one.

The cheap foam rollers often warp and get misshapen after only a couple months of use, especially with the heavier than average user. But this IT band foam roller from ProSource is a top-quality product that should last for years, even with heavy use by the heaviest of users.

The biggest negative to the ProSource foam roller for IT band foam rolling is the same as the positive thing! The high density and hardness of it is quite painful for some people and they were never able to get over this.

There is always a bit of discomfort with foam rollers in the beginning, but it should lessen over time as you get used to it. If you’re one of those people who never get the hang of these harder rollers, consider getting something like the Rumble Roller. It’s also very dense and firm, but it has knobs on it so feels a bit softer.

You can get easily get this top-quality IT band foam roller on Amazon today: