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Are you looking for one of the best foam rollers if you like to run? Then you’ll want to consider this one from Nordic Lifting. It’s ideal for people who want a firm roller that they can use without a lot of pain!

Read our buying guide packed with information to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

Nordic Lifting Foam Roller

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Nordic Lifting: The Best Foam Roller for Runners

If you’re a runner, then you’re surely no stranger to aches and pains! While it is indeed possible to run consistently without injuries, sore muscles are common to just about everyone who runs on a regular basis.

Many runners and other people who train hard have found that foam rollers go a long ways to relieving aches, pains and sore muscles after a tough workout. They also help speed up recovery time, allowing you to train harder sooner than you would be able to without foam rolling.

For more details about this, see: Do Foam Rollers Work?

Top-Quality EVA Foam

This popular foam roller from Nordic Lifting is one of the best foam rollers for runners. It’s made from top-quality foam (EVA) and it will outlast all the cheap foam rollers by a long shot. Nordic Lifting stands behind their product with a full 1-year warranty. This is way better than most of the other foam rollers out there who sometimes don’t even offer a warranty!

This Nordic Lifting foam roller is medium firm, giving you a serious massage, at a price certainly cheaper than paying a professional to do it for you!

Not as Painful as the Smooth Rollers

But, because it has a medium firmness as well as knobs on it, it won’t be as painful as some of the harder foam rollers that feel basically like a pipe. If this is what you want, check out our review of the AmazonBasics Foam RollerExtra-firm foam rollers are preferred by some, but we only recommend them for advanced users.

Features of the Nordic Lifting Foam Roller:

  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Medium firm- a good massage that isn’t painful
  • 13 inches x 5 inches- a nice size for leg rolling
  • 100% EVA Foam (Top-quality)
  • Can handle up to 500 pounds with ease
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Releases tension and eases sore muscles
  • Ergonomic pressure designed to replicate thumb and hand pressure

Nordic Lifting Foam Roller Review

Nordic Lifting Roller Pros:

  • A company that stands behind their product with a serious warranty
  • Top-quality foam that can handle a ton of weight with ease
  • Medium-firmness
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Excellent reviews on Amazon
  • Thoughtfully designed product
  • Knobs that replicate thumb and palm pressure

Nordic Lifting Roller Cons:

As far as we can tell, there are no cons, except the fact that it comes in only one size!

Check out the reviews on Amazon too! They are almost all five star, with the exception of a couple that are four stars. This really is an excellent product that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Not happy? Return it with the one-year full warranty for your money back.

Nordic Lifting is a company committed to top-quality products combined with some excellent customer service. This is a serious win in our books!

And, it’s actually the foam roller that the author of this article uses on a regular basis!

What do People Think about the Nordic Lifting Roller?

“I’ve been using this thing for only a few months now and it’s made a huge difference in my quality of life. I love the little bumps on it that help to get those trigger points and adhesions. Really nice product at a very reasonable price.”

“You can definitely compare it to a deep tissue massage. It really gets in there to your trigger points and does a great job.”

“The product description is very accurate and it’s just as described. It’s a firm, but not too firm foam roller that’s ideal for rolling out the legs and IT band. I’m a runner so those parts of my body get really tight if I don’t use this thing at least a few times a week.”

Nordic Lifting Foam Roller vs. The RumbleRoller

When doing your research about which foam roller is the one for you, you may have noticed that the Rumble Roller is very similar to the Nordic Lifting Foam Roller. It’s because they are! They are both extremely firm rollers with knobs on the outside.

The main difference is that the RumbleRoller includes two rollers-one firm and an even firmer one. This one from Nordic Lifting has only a firm version. Two rollers sound great, but you’ll pay a premium for it! It’s one of the most expensive foam rollers on the market today.

To sum this up, you couldn’t go wrong with either of them. They are both top-quality athletic products that will last you for years. They’ll also do the job well-getting out your kinks and knots in style. If you have money to burn, consider the RumbleRoller. Otherwise, this foam roller by Nordic Lifting is a great pick.

Final Verdict: One of the Best Foam Rollers for Runners

If you’re looking for one of the best foam rollers for runners, look no further than this one from Nordic Lifting. It’s an excellent product that has been thoughtfully designed. We love the medium-firmness of it, as well as the knobs which give you a serious massage, but reduce how painful it will be compared to some of the firmer foam rollers on the market today.

One of the Best Rollers on the Market Today

Is this offering from Nordic Lifting one of the best foam roller on the market today? It ranks up there in the top two or three for sure.


The best part about this best foam roller for runners is the durability of it. It it made from 100% EVA foam, which means that it will outlast the cheap foam rollers by a long-shot.

Excellent Warranty

The company also stands behind their product with excellent customer service and a full 1-year warranty. This truly is the best foam roller and offers an excellent value for the money! We love a company that backs up their promises with an outstanding warranty.

Have your Say about this Foam Roller

What are your thoughts about the Nordic Lifting Roller? Is this the brand of foam roller that’s right for you, or are you considering another option? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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